keskiviikko 29. joulukuuta 2010

KAAMOSHOW 13 - Spettro Records special

This time I´m offering you the special mix dedicated to Italian net label Spettro rec. Lots of free downloads by artists who can be filed under experimental. Sometimes noisy, sometimes silent and calming, at times just confusing and sometimes just plain rocking. They also sell beatiful hand made cd´s so go get them at

"Spettro records was born from the minds of three free individuals determined to create a distibutive modality for their music and artistic endeavors that no one has wanted to listen to.
We aren't fooling ourselves in believing that you could be particularly interested either, but through this name we are giving release to works that took a lot of effort in terms of emotions, research and meaning. A spectre in a haze of labels, we don't have any specific intentions if not to distribute our music, the work of our requests to those who may benefit from it. A benefit which will not be either in economic, musical nor cultural terms but simply emotional, in the sense of an emotional exchange between free individuals. Opening a music label based on the matter may not have any sense today but it has sense for us who have delivered these works and we hope will make sense to those who will understand them.
Spettro doesn't welcome in its womb nothing which deals with scenes, styles, enterprises or subjugations. Spettro greets the ethereal of a music that strips from the decaying matter and undresses into content, pure meaning later being accepted in the limits of a format, cd-r or whatever, which is simply a container to free itself from, in order to find a new homeland in the conscience and empathy of others.
For these reasons fundamental requisite of Spettro's works is the content, free from formand aesthetic quality in order to favor a quality of soul. In fact, requisite to performing works is to remain and operate in the solitude and the isolation of one's own home, away from studies from the scenes and all the rest. The notion of DIY is popular nowadays, but the important thing is that these works didn't cost anything to be created if not the effort of the single individual in conceiving them and of the single listener to understand them.
Firstly, Spettro began as an outlet for the silent works of a group of friends who met and decided to express themselves in the form more congenial to them reasserting the absolute priority of content over form. In the absence of arguments to justify living on this earth, we, who are involved, can only forget the discourse and stick to the pure meaning directed in forms which words cannot contain, for the intrinsic vagueness of their being, thus turning to music as meaningfulness. Though empty, these works testify a life project, a fragile and etheral existence, yet necessary for those who pursue it. We are what we musically express and our being is defined as the work proceeds which isn't a single finishing line rather a temporary and unresolved working process always incomplete and because of this always yearning for a more lively and signifificant being.The impossibility of a term, as of a complete form and even the need of a trial that involves us existentially and eternally.
We don't define ourselves as avant guarde of anything nor as belonging to anything rather only as our own being finished. We are less than avant-garde, maybe we belong to a particular sub-garde type, inside a perpetual motion that doesn't find progress rather just a spiral-like movement which instead of adding, subtracts, deprives us of our certainties. A deeper and deeper digging that might bring us to an unexpected result:our being finished, the emptiness of our intentions. The anguish of feeling one's being, total, finished, resolved is too great, that's why we fragment ourselves in trial works which are never finished. Sub-garde doesn't represent the opposite of avant-garde, rather the conscience of the infinite development inside the time and aspect of things and the consequent attention to what internally and out of time motivates this.
Spettro contains our works which set the moment they rose. We are gathering them here hoping they may regain order through the contact with the other, whoever he may be.
This is the aptitude that characterizes Spettro's works, even if they will probably never be brought to light.From an objective point of view the sound we propose is the one produced by people and not money.This doesn't mean to sound as a protest against something or someone.We just want to present a point of view which is progressively dying out, that is the human one at a time when what makes the difference is the expensive surface of things.
All our albums are handmade, created with love and care, and made on demand."

SLP: La Condizione Umana
MR. DREY: Prova1
MASSACCESI (JOHN FANNING): Labels Wish It Was Still 1989
DEMEMPHIS: The Sonics Loves Dememphis
CERVO: Handshake

mediafire, rapidshare (coming soon)

There is also a free web compilation featuring Spettro artists "Glad to be still alive" available here.
And there is another Spettro mixtape here.

maanantai 13. joulukuuta 2010


Now here is something different. Instead of usual mix show I post this time a little compilation tape called "Funana Absurdos - experimental sounds from Cabo Verde". As some regular followers (are there any?) of my other blog might remember, I spent a holiday in Cabo Verde recently. This tape is a compilation of totally unknown (at least to me) underground artists of Cabo Verdean origin... I think, since there is absolutely no information whatsoever included. Only a 60 minute tape with seven tracks which range from noise to ambient, cut-up loops of some local hit music (my wild guess), field recording madness and something which I would call 'drunken ambient' (listen to the last track and you know what I mean).

Tape was ripped as two mp3-files (side A & side B). There´s music approx. 40 mins but it seems that tracks have been dubbed on radio interference noise recordings which you can hear in the middle of songs and in the end of both sides. Strange. Place it right next to your "Extreme music from Africa" -compilation cd.

SEPTEMBER 12: Tourism kills turtles
REBELADOS: Nao trabalho, nao dinheiro
CABRA COLINA: Diaza k'nu ta li
DOUGHBOY: Saharan winds
JORGE PEDEIRA: Mau higienico
DEGREDADOS: Grogue catharsis

Get it @ Mediafire

sunnuntai 5. joulukuuta 2010

KAAMOSHOW 12 - Finnish special

To celebrate Finnish independence day, here´s the Kaamoshow 12 including collection of Finnish oddities and just plain good tunes ranging from indie pop to post punk, from kraut rock to punk, from industrial to all around weirdness, from singer-songwriter a´la Tom Waits to hip hop. I feel sorry for people who don´t understand Finnish language because there are some astonishing lyrics involved.

KUUSUMUN PROFEETTA: Vaihe 1 / Lyhtykuja: loppu [from Lyhtykuja]
VACUUM CLEANERS: Eis aiona! (tui sum) [from Hundred Separate Ways MCD]
K-X-P: Elephant man [from K-X-P]
ÄLYMYSTÖ: Ontto seurakunta [from Ontto Seurakunta MCD]
KAUCAS: Palaneen käry [from Saastaa Suusta]
MESMER: The casio plague [from The Ghost Of a Tennis Court]
AAVIKKO: Ralliautokuski [from vinyl version of Derek!]
KAUKO RÖYHKÄ: Nivelet [from Räyhähenki Muistelee]
TUOMARI NURMIO: Rannanjärvi elää [from Luuta ja Nahkaa]
MANA MANA: Ruusu, tulppaani ja peyote [from Murheen Laakso]
PSYYKE: Temppeli [from compilation Eilisen Jälkeen - Suomalaista Postpunkia 1981-1987]
LIIKKUVAT LAPSET: Marssi [from Palavat Sillat - Soinen Maa 1983-1999]
MAGENTA SKYCODE: People [from s/t]
RADIOPUHELIMET: Hygienia ja moraali [from Sinappia Ja Ketsuppia EP]
RISTO: Nina olen palasina [from s/t]