lauantai 27. huhtikuuta 2013

Cheesy Asian pop

Here is a virtual mixtape I made by request. Oh God, I love Asian pop in all it's cheesyness. All tracks ripped from original vinyl releases, not from some fancy remastered re-releases. Expect some crackles and pops here and there. The most enjoyable mix I've made.

lauantai 16. helmikuuta 2013


Here is a Finnish post-punk band I've been excited about lately. I think they have been playing together for some time but in late 2012 they released a debut 7" vinyl with three tracks. Imagine mid-80's Cure with a punk sound. On gigs they've played a Finnish language version of "The fire" by The Sound... extra points for that. I expect a lot from these boys and girls in the future.
Get their self-titled EP from Combat Rock Shop / Helsinki.

sunnuntai 27. tammikuuta 2013


Now here is something to look out for... fuckin' seriously. In my honest opinion: one of the best indie pop acts out there. Motorama fall into category of post-Joy Division melancholic pop groups. They sound melancholic but not suicidal or overtly gloomy. I also like their cover designs which have a certain "old" feeling. Two surprises: A) Motorama is Russian (they sound quite 'un-Russian', whether it is a good or bad thing is up to the listener), and B) they offer their releases for free download at their website!!!
I recommend expecially the full-length album Alps. One of the good examples when I downloaded the release first and then found it to be such a good release I purchased it second-hand from some Ukrainian seller (I think). Official Alps CDr is not something you can find very easily. Grab it if you' re lucky enough to find for a reasonable price. I just found out that they teamed up with a french label Taritles Records and released a new album Calendar last year. Hope to get my hands on that soon.
They've released also an album under different name 'Ytro' in Russian language. You can get that here (slightly confusing web page, click the right side little boy to download their album). It is bit harder to digest in one listen but after few listens it begins to open up.

Here are two excellent tunes from Alps:

Motorama: Letter home

Motorama: Wind in her hair