tiistai 15. marraskuuta 2011

Rapidshare files deleted

Rapidshare has announced that most of my files will be deleted since I did not extend my RapidPro and some files have not been downloaded for 30 days. That means I have to upload some older stuff at mediafire and megaupload. That is going to take some time. If there is some specific files you´re after, just let me know.

tiistai 13. syyskuuta 2011


I just cannot understand how some band can put an album of this quality to the net for free download. I mean there are excellent free albums and music up there but they are mostly experimental or some other not-so-commercially attractive stuff. IWATSW had put out an excellent free release which certainly would have had some minor commercial popularity at least in Finland where they are from. You probably heard their track at one of my earlier Kaamoshow. So if you feel like hearing some well produced and highly variable indie pop/electronica got get Holiday Trax 1 here.

SALOME LEGO PLAYSET: Contre La Vie, Contre La Morte

Occasionally I start uploading info/links to some interesting legally free stuff on the net (which there is plenty). Here is one. Elia Dalla Casa approached me some time ago and dropped me a link to his band´s Salome Lego Playset´s album "Contre La Vie, Contre La Morte". Some of you may recognise SLP from Spettro´s catalogue (see my earlier post on the subject). "Contre La Vie, Contre La Morte" is free for download and after few listens it opens up bit by bit. But I warn you, it is certainly not easy to listen to. Stylishly it orbits somewhere between acoustic guitar music and noise. How much variation is that? Emotionally it is like wandering from a deep forest to some desolate apocalyptic demolished ghost town.
Get it here.

torstai 14. heinäkuuta 2011

Joke of the year

I laughed myself shitless when I saw this

3800 euros????????????????????????

KAAMOSHOW 19 - best of noise & industrial

I love noise, experimental electronics, industrial (I mean the early industrial, not that heavy-disco shit), dark ambient and every kind of "uneasy listening" electronic stuff. Ok, I admit there is a lot of shit among those genres (like in every existing genre) and I truly loathe the macho-redneck-bone headed stupidity and will to out-shock every other artist which seem to dominate the so called power electronics scene. It is a pity since I like most of PE music/noise. I don´t want to get involved in discussion about what is noise or industrial music, see what wikipedia says about them. I have no interest to get involved in the discussion where so called genre nazis try to define what´s real noise and what´s not. Keep your fucking opinions to yourselves, thank you.

Here is a collection of some of the best indu-noise in my opinion. Lot of good stuff was left outside.

let´s start at the very beginning...

LUIGI RUSSOLO: Risveglio di una citta 1913 [from compilation Musica Futurista - Art of Noises]
EINSTÜRZENDE NEUBAUTEN: Decomposition d´un placard [from Kassetten]
THROBBING GRISTLE: Walls of sound [from D.O.A. The Third and Final Report]
FM EINHEIT/G P-O: Riots / information [from Decoder soundtrack]
TEST DEPT: 51st state of America [from The Unacceptable Face of Freedom]
[THE USER]: [] [from Symphony #2 for Dot Matrix Printers]
HANATARASH: Detroit rock city [from 2]
COCK E.S.P.: Too fat for love [from split 5" with Extreme Noise Terror]
WHITEHOUSE: Language recovery [from Asceticist 2006]
PRURIENT: Lay by son [from Cocaine Death CD]
TOSHIJI MIKAWA: Vietnam forever [from Gyo-Kai Elegy]
HAARE: Electronic psychosis part 1 [from Electronic Psychosis]
AUBE: Limpidity spit [from split CD with The Haters]
BAD SECTOR: Calibration [from compilation Domvs Indvustrialia et Exoterica]
ZOÄT-AON: Exo [from Star Autopsy]

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KAAMOSHOW 18 - some excellent tunes

I´m celebrating the start of my holiday by uploading three new shows (17-19) for You to enjoy. Here is a collection of some seriously good tunes. Especially the tracks by Film School, Kirlian Camera, Xymox, Mirrors & Ceremony are the ones that I´ve enjoyed a lot lately. Not much more to say. Writing these texts and track lists is the most frustrating and time consuming part of making these mixes. Choosing, assembling and mixing tracks is the most rewarding and fun part of it. For fuck´s sake, I put my heart in it!

FILM SCHOOL: Go down together [from Hideout]
MIRRORS: Look at me [from Look At Me single]
B-MOVIE: Remembrance day [from ]
(((S))): Walk [from Phantom]
THE CRANES: Beatiful friend [from EP Collection]
CEREMONY: Stars fall [from Rocket Fire]
ALCIAN BLUE: Frozen sleep [from s/t album]
LUKE SLATER: All exhale (live) [from FM broadcast]
O.M.D.: Genetic engineering [from Dazzle Ships]
PORTION CONTROL: Cats on a tin roof [from Progress Report 1980-1983 box set]
EXPERIMENTAL PRODUCTS: The addict [from Prototype]
CLAN OF XYMOX: Cold damp day [from Farewell]
NITZER EBB: Down on your knees [from Industrial Complex]
BABYSLAVE: We hate you little girls aloud [from Pink EP]
KIRLIAN CAMERA: Odyssey Europa (premiere version) [from Shadow Mission Held V]

mediafire, rapidshare, megaupload

I´m starting to use megaupload since it is a bit more user friendly than rapidshare. I´m not sure if the older shows will be available at megaupload also. Just let me know if you feel like downloading them from there.

keskiviikko 13. heinäkuuta 2011

Kaamoshow 17 - no theme, no sense, no regrets

This time a splendid mix of variable styles; from afro-rock to industrial, death metal, indie electro and naive lo-fi pop. Also few surprising cover versions of Throbbing Gristle, Neubauten & Laibach songs. All of them are nice tracks for different reasons. Enjoy... I know I do.
DANIELE PATUCCHI: A plot of fear [from compilation 7 Black Notes Italian Blend vol.1]
FRANK ZAPPA: Let´s make the water turn black [from Strickly Commercial]
JOE KING KOLOGBO & HIS BLACK SOUND: Another man´s thing [from compilation Nigeria Rock Special: Psychedelic Afro-Rock and Fuzz Funk in 1970´s]
BOMBA ESTEREO: La niña rica [from Blow Up]
BORIS: Party boy [from New Album vinyl version]
AKSU: Ylä-Malmin suuri lumimies [from Suomen Vanhin Tenavatähti]
YPPAH: In two, the weakly [from You Are Beatiful At All Times]
I WAS A TEENAGE SATAN WORSHIPPER: Raising waves [from free download album IWATSW Holiday Trax vol.1]
STEROTAXIC DEVICE: Lostland [from Lostland EP]
CASSANDRA COMPLEX: Something came over me (Throbbing Gristle cover) [from Something... 12"]
CHAKK: Out of the flesh mix 1 [from Out Of The Flesh 12"]
NITZER EBB: Getting closer [from Body Of Work 1984-1997]
PUSSY GALORE: Yü-gung (Einstürzende Neubauten cover) [from Sugarshit Sharp]
ANTICHRIST: Stoking the ovens of death [from compilation Diminished Responsibility]
ZARAZA: Leben-tod (Laibach cover) [from Montrealska Akropola]

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keskiviikko 6. heinäkuuta 2011

Update for Funana Absurdos

Fixed the file for Funana Absurdos compilation tape because there was some distortion related problem in the mp3 conversion in one track on side A because of some heavy bass frequencies. Original tape is ok, so I made the mp3 conversion again with a better quality and now it seems to be ok.
New download link here.

tiistai 31. toukokuuta 2011

KAAMOSHOW 16 - atmospheres, motor music & male choir singing

Some excellent stuff... again... starting with a mighty and very atmospheric track from the hermit boys of Iceland. After that some beatiful soundtrack music from interesting film Der Untergang which tells the story of Hitler´s last days in bunker. Then there is Balanescu Quartet employing the haunting and extraordinary (sampled) vocals of late Romanian singer Maria Tanase. Then follows an excellent track by practically unknown Italian electro unit Res_et which I accidentally saw play live in Ljubljana Metelkova Mesto few years ago. Not much is known about them outside Italy, which is a shame. After that comes dear old Scott. Many old Scott fans must have withdrawed in terror when they heard The Drift album. Probably one of the most disliked albums of last few decades, but I love it! Somehow I think of Nico when I listen to that album, there is same kind of intimacy, spookyness and vulnerability present in their music. Last summer I saw Dakha Brakha and Kimmo Pohjonen play live separately and together and that probably was one of the musical highlights of last year for me. Two groups/performers which are vaguely labeled under ethno or folk music. Just listen to those tracks and you know there is so much more than that. Kimmo Pohjonen´s Moottorisinfonia makes a good use of rural machines combined with Kimmo´s own 'shamanistic' (pardon me for using that cliche) and ritualistic performance. It is almost industrial. It really annoys me that A) I never had a chance to witness Ramsöö´s Motor Music Festival, and B) there are no official recordings of Maamoottorisinfonia or other motor music projects which have happened in last few years in Finland. In the end few other tracks I felt like putting there. Staalplaat are just as weird as always, and at last there is some male bonding choir action which we all are eager to hear... aren´t we?

SIGUR ROS: untitled track 6 [from ( )]
STEPHAN ZACHARIAS: Der krieg ist aus [from Der Untergang soundtrack]
BALANESCU QUARTET: Life and Death [from Maria T]
RES_ET: Street [from Suitable Life With a Lack Of Brain EP]
SCOTT WALKER: A lover loves [from The Drift]
DAKHA BRAKHA: Vesna [from Na Mezhi]
KIMMO POHJONEN: piece from Maamoottorisinfonia [unreleased live recording]
STAALPLAAT SOUNDSYSTEM: Yokomono [from compilation Avanto Festival 2005]
SOUTH WALES STRIKING MINERS CHOIR: Comrades in arms [from Shoulder To Shoulder (split LP with Test Dept)]

tiistai 29. maaliskuuta 2011

KAAMOSHOW 15 - "Unknown Pleasures" by Joy Division

Just recently I went to see Peter Hook & The Light perform the whole Unknown Pleasures album + various other Joy Division classics. Well, all JD songs are classics, some of them more some of them less. The idea of Hooky performing JD songs have been issue which has caused a lot of debate, some fascinated, some critical. I had also my doubts, but for me it was the extremely rare possibility to see someone perform these classics live so there I went. Besides I think Hooky is the right person to cover these songs since his bass sound is the most remarkable part in JD`s music (after, of course, Ian´s vocals). The first funny surprise was that the gig intro was Kraftwerk´s Trans-Europe Express which caused some brits to make some not-so-polite comments. For a beginning there was few older tracks, then Unknown Pleasures album from start to beginning and after that some older tracks and classics like Atmosphere, Transmission & LWTUA, as a last encore there was Ceremony. It was fun to watch Hooky posing with his bass without playing it in majority of tracks! Bass playing was handled throughout the gig by his son (I believe). Hooky posed, sang and played catchy bass riffs once in a while, rest of the band kept a low profile. Band played fine enough for me to enjoy this gig, but something was missing. Something I just can´t point my finger at. Maybe it was a lack of passion or something. Just like having a beer and watching a remarkably good JD-coverband (which they actually are). As I listened to people around me, I remarked that there were alarmingly lot of people who knew Joy Division only by name and a few hit songs. You know the type: young indie hipsters who´d rather be at Interpol, Yeah Yeah Yeahs or Prince of Assyria gig drinking sweet alcoholic mixers, comparing clothes & watching who is there and who is not. If they were forced down to listen Unknown Pleasures or Closer throughout alone in a cellar, they probably couldn´t take it. On the other side there were old punks and misfits who have probably listened those albums a few too many times. One old and apparently confused punk near me broke in whining and moaning when Day of the Lords started. Oh, the power of music... or maybe the power of chemical substances? In the end, it was nice evening and I certainly would welcome Hooky & co. here again to perform Closer (which they are doing at least in Brits next summer).

I´m offering you two live mixes of Unknown Pleasures, both from bootleg sources. First one is a collection of Joy Division live material, second is a collection of Hooky performing live with Light or Section 25. You decide yourself which one sounds better. Warning: expect some seriously bootleg-quality material!

Tracks: Disorder, Day of the lords, Candidate, Insight, New dawn fades, She´s lost control, Shadowplay, Wilderness, Interzone, I remember nothing

Mediafire JD-UP & Hooky-UP, Rapidshare JD-UP & Hooky-UP

lauantai 19. maaliskuuta 2011

KAAMOSHOW 14 - Laibach special

Just recently I went to see Laibach play live their brand new revisited set and I got to say it was probably the best Laibach show I´ve seen (and I´ve seen them seven or eight times). Old songs were given a new treat making them more accessible for people who like their WAT/Volk era songs. I like the original early 80´s industrial songs but these new versions were just as good giving them brand new vibe. Even though some versions were totally different they were still recognisable. Band was in a good mood and sound was nice. As a live band they were missing the drummer girls which was probably a slight disappointment to some audience members but I felt they were this time more "a band" than a show group. Just can´t wait to get my hands on new bunch of album sets "Volkswagner", "Laibach revisited" & that massive Vinyl On Demand LP-box set (all of which were supposed to be released in 2010).
To celebrate the greatness of their music, here is a special collection of three decades of Laibach. Warning for all you hi-fi wankers: includes some bootleg quality material.

intro (live Helsinki 1.12.2006) [private recording]
Drzava [from split tape with Last Few Days]
Brat moj [from Rekapitulacia 1980-84]
To the new light [from Jesus Christ Superstars]
Brat moj (revisited version live Helsinki 9.3.2011) [private recording]
Hymn to the black sun [from Kapital]
For you blue [from Let It Be]
Vade retro satanas (live 2000) [bonus track from remastered cd of Rekapitulacija 1980-84]
Du bist unser [from WAT]
Contrapunctus 1 [from Kunst der Fuge]
Raus! (herzfelde) [from Slovenska Akropola]
Ende [from WAT]
outro (audience chatter & Mama Leone live Helsinki 26.8.2005) [private recording]

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