torstai 14. heinäkuuta 2011

Joke of the year

I laughed myself shitless when I saw this

3800 euros????????????????????????

KAAMOSHOW 19 - best of noise & industrial

I love noise, experimental electronics, industrial (I mean the early industrial, not that heavy-disco shit), dark ambient and every kind of "uneasy listening" electronic stuff. Ok, I admit there is a lot of shit among those genres (like in every existing genre) and I truly loathe the macho-redneck-bone headed stupidity and will to out-shock every other artist which seem to dominate the so called power electronics scene. It is a pity since I like most of PE music/noise. I don´t want to get involved in discussion about what is noise or industrial music, see what wikipedia says about them. I have no interest to get involved in the discussion where so called genre nazis try to define what´s real noise and what´s not. Keep your fucking opinions to yourselves, thank you.

Here is a collection of some of the best indu-noise in my opinion. Lot of good stuff was left outside.

let´s start at the very beginning...

LUIGI RUSSOLO: Risveglio di una citta 1913 [from compilation Musica Futurista - Art of Noises]
EINSTÜRZENDE NEUBAUTEN: Decomposition d´un placard [from Kassetten]
THROBBING GRISTLE: Walls of sound [from D.O.A. The Third and Final Report]
FM EINHEIT/G P-O: Riots / information [from Decoder soundtrack]
TEST DEPT: 51st state of America [from The Unacceptable Face of Freedom]
[THE USER]: [] [from Symphony #2 for Dot Matrix Printers]
HANATARASH: Detroit rock city [from 2]
COCK E.S.P.: Too fat for love [from split 5" with Extreme Noise Terror]
WHITEHOUSE: Language recovery [from Asceticist 2006]
PRURIENT: Lay by son [from Cocaine Death CD]
TOSHIJI MIKAWA: Vietnam forever [from Gyo-Kai Elegy]
HAARE: Electronic psychosis part 1 [from Electronic Psychosis]
AUBE: Limpidity spit [from split CD with The Haters]
BAD SECTOR: Calibration [from compilation Domvs Indvustrialia et Exoterica]
ZOÄT-AON: Exo [from Star Autopsy]

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KAAMOSHOW 18 - some excellent tunes

I´m celebrating the start of my holiday by uploading three new shows (17-19) for You to enjoy. Here is a collection of some seriously good tunes. Especially the tracks by Film School, Kirlian Camera, Xymox, Mirrors & Ceremony are the ones that I´ve enjoyed a lot lately. Not much more to say. Writing these texts and track lists is the most frustrating and time consuming part of making these mixes. Choosing, assembling and mixing tracks is the most rewarding and fun part of it. For fuck´s sake, I put my heart in it!

FILM SCHOOL: Go down together [from Hideout]
MIRRORS: Look at me [from Look At Me single]
B-MOVIE: Remembrance day [from ]
(((S))): Walk [from Phantom]
THE CRANES: Beatiful friend [from EP Collection]
CEREMONY: Stars fall [from Rocket Fire]
ALCIAN BLUE: Frozen sleep [from s/t album]
LUKE SLATER: All exhale (live) [from FM broadcast]
O.M.D.: Genetic engineering [from Dazzle Ships]
PORTION CONTROL: Cats on a tin roof [from Progress Report 1980-1983 box set]
EXPERIMENTAL PRODUCTS: The addict [from Prototype]
CLAN OF XYMOX: Cold damp day [from Farewell]
NITZER EBB: Down on your knees [from Industrial Complex]
BABYSLAVE: We hate you little girls aloud [from Pink EP]
KIRLIAN CAMERA: Odyssey Europa (premiere version) [from Shadow Mission Held V]

mediafire, rapidshare, megaupload

I´m starting to use megaupload since it is a bit more user friendly than rapidshare. I´m not sure if the older shows will be available at megaupload also. Just let me know if you feel like downloading them from there.

keskiviikko 13. heinäkuuta 2011

Kaamoshow 17 - no theme, no sense, no regrets

This time a splendid mix of variable styles; from afro-rock to industrial, death metal, indie electro and naive lo-fi pop. Also few surprising cover versions of Throbbing Gristle, Neubauten & Laibach songs. All of them are nice tracks for different reasons. Enjoy... I know I do.
DANIELE PATUCCHI: A plot of fear [from compilation 7 Black Notes Italian Blend vol.1]
FRANK ZAPPA: Let´s make the water turn black [from Strickly Commercial]
JOE KING KOLOGBO & HIS BLACK SOUND: Another man´s thing [from compilation Nigeria Rock Special: Psychedelic Afro-Rock and Fuzz Funk in 1970´s]
BOMBA ESTEREO: La niña rica [from Blow Up]
BORIS: Party boy [from New Album vinyl version]
AKSU: Ylä-Malmin suuri lumimies [from Suomen Vanhin Tenavatähti]
YPPAH: In two, the weakly [from You Are Beatiful At All Times]
I WAS A TEENAGE SATAN WORSHIPPER: Raising waves [from free download album IWATSW Holiday Trax vol.1]
STEROTAXIC DEVICE: Lostland [from Lostland EP]
CASSANDRA COMPLEX: Something came over me (Throbbing Gristle cover) [from Something... 12"]
CHAKK: Out of the flesh mix 1 [from Out Of The Flesh 12"]
NITZER EBB: Getting closer [from Body Of Work 1984-1997]
PUSSY GALORE: Yü-gung (Einstürzende Neubauten cover) [from Sugarshit Sharp]
ANTICHRIST: Stoking the ovens of death [from compilation Diminished Responsibility]
ZARAZA: Leben-tod (Laibach cover) [from Montrealska Akropola]

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keskiviikko 6. heinäkuuta 2011

Update for Funana Absurdos

Fixed the file for Funana Absurdos compilation tape because there was some distortion related problem in the mp3 conversion in one track on side A because of some heavy bass frequencies. Original tape is ok, so I made the mp3 conversion again with a better quality and now it seems to be ok.
New download link here.