keskiviikko 30. maaliskuuta 2016


Various artists - Vo dai-lang ban pho 7" (Continental, C.167-765-2, K.D. 3429)

Here is a piece of musical comedy which goes way beyond my understanding. Lot of comical dialogue accompanied with occasional song fraqments. Really scratchy record, by the way. There's more to come.
If someone out there understands Vietnamese and could post a comment here telling shortly what is this piece about, I (and some other readers) would be extremely grateful.


Bach-Tuyet / Thanh Nhan & Hoat-vinh-Phuc - Chung minh dep doi / Tinh mua ly biet 7"  (Continental, C.167-966, Dia so 71)

A side female solo number. B-side with male/female duet. Listen closely side A vocals. Some excellent tender vibrato singing there.
Typical example of a strange mixture of western and eastern influences alternating. First both songs start as western lounge influenced but quickly translate into oriental folk, only returning back to western style in the end. There's gonna be much more of that style coming in subsequent posts.
It is quite notable that nearly all the Vietnamese 7-inches I have last more than 12 minutes, this one lasting for 15 minutes!

tiistai 29. maaliskuuta 2016


Ha-Thanh/Phuong-Thanh - Roi 20 nam sau / Doan chim canh - Nguyen cau 7" (Continental, C.167-566, C.167-56-19, K.D.577)

If you liked the previous post... you gonna love this. Three tracks of exotic beauty. Styles are 'slow', 'slow rock' & 'bolero', as the labels state. 1st and 3rd tracks are female voiced and I gotta tell you that the first song is a bloody excellent moody piece. I understand nothing of the lyrics but I have a strong vision of a young female longing for her long lost loved one in a hot summer night. It is included also in the mix I made previously.


Various Artists - Can phan - Khong xa nhau / Giot buon que huong - Mat trot dem 7" (Continental, C.167-168, Dia so 49)

Now here is a real treat for mondo exotica fans out there. Four tracks of Vietnamese lounge mood. First track is a male-female duo (label states this' style as 'slow') and it is sung by Thanh Tuyen and Dac Chung. Second ('ballade') and third ('slow') tracks are sung by Giao Linh in her deep smooth voice, gotta love it. Last track ('bolero') is a male fronted affair sung by Hung Cuong.


(unknown artist) - Hoa don / Guitare day lai 7" (Hong Hoa, Vang co 66)

Instrumental stuff, except for the short dialog passage in the beginning of Hoa don -side. 'Mekong delta blues' stuff. First side with guitar and some other string instrument(s), second side  just guitar. Four tracks. Deep stuff.

lauantai 26. maaliskuuta 2016


Thanh-Duoc / Ut Bach-Lan - Biet kinh thanh / Tui than em 7" (Hong Hoa)

Biet-side with male vocs, accordion, string instrument(s) and some lounge exotica rhythms. Tui-side a bit more traditional with female singer, a bit of country feeling maybe?
I'm not sure is there two tracks per side, because there is clearly a pause in recordings on both sides in the middle but on the other hand there's only one track name for each side and they sound quite same.
Good stuff, I'm beginning to like this more every time I hear it, especially Biet-side.

perjantai 25. maaliskuuta 2016


Thanh-Hai / Ut Bach-Lan - Su van hanh / Tinh lan va diep 7" ( Hong Hoa)

Since I am not familiar with Vietnamese music genres I decided to call this sort of music 'Mekong Delta blues'. A side with male vocals, B side female vocals (I am not really sure which one is A or B).


(unknown artist) - Nam co / Van vi 7" single with red/black vinyl (National, so-66-1).

Some serious crackling on this one, but you should have heard the original one! One of the rare viet vinyls I have which are on discogs.

Vietnam vinyl mix

There is a story about my vinyl hunting quest in the streets of Saigon and here is a Vietnam vinyl mix I made.
I am planning to upload most (maybe even all?) Vietnam vinyls I have one by one during 2016 so stay tuned.