maanantai 7. toukokuuta 2012


Want to hear some excellent electronic cover songs? I am not talking about some lame ass dance versions I am talking about seriously good cover versions which you can enjoy while sitting comfortable in your couch sipping your favorite drink while a drop dead gorgeous Hawaiian miss bikini gives you... a neck and shoulder massage. Ok, I admit I got lost somewhere in a middle, but videoartist-painter-musician Raoul Sinier has released an album full of cover versions of such artists as Radiohead, Hendrix, Doors, Portishead, Bauhaus etc. And here is the gimmick: it is totally free.
Get it here.

While we are at it, here is a video for excellent track "She Is a Lord" from Raoul Sinier´s album "Guilty Cloaks". Imagine a mixture of 90´s IDM, some latter day Radiohead and some 80´s proto-goth guitar sound. Gotta love those singing black smoke mouths which look like satan´s socks.


Here is some excellent dark and haunting ambient. Album is called "Schism" and it has been made by The Post Riot Era. Man behind this project Dean Hinds describes "Schism" as 'a slow building, 5 track album of distorted electronic swells and waves, presented as the backdrop to a 1970's documentary on the socio-economic struggles of a middle-class American family'. I cannot describe it any more accurately. It contains five tracks but it should be listened as a whole because it basically sounds like one piece of work divided into five separate tracks. "Schism" sounds positively old-ish (meaning it resembles the early 70' s ambient without being self-conscious academic bore) but still sounding quite modern.
You can download it for free at TPRE home page. You can also purchase it as very limited edition CD.
But wait! That´s not all. You can find there four other free downloads by TPRE which you should take a listen to. Advice: listen them all at hassle-free enviroment.

Leaves me wondering how much more excellent free legally downloadable experimental music is out there which I do not know anything about???