keskiviikko 14. huhtikuuta 2010

KAAMOSHOW 6 - A Finnish double treat

Hello folks. To celebrate a Finnish independence day (when this was originally posted) I give you a special double show which features only Finnish artists. First part concentrates more in post-punk, indie and shoegaze. Second part includes experimental, prog-metal, electronic, noise, punk & in-your-face hardcore. This is a good starting point if you are not familiar with different sides of new and older Finnish alternative music. I´m not saying these selections are necessarily the best tracks or artists but I like them for various reasons so that´s why they deserve to be here.

ELEANOORA ROSENHOLM: Bolly palkkionmetsästäjä [from Älä Kysy Kuolleilta, He Sanoivat]
BOYS OF SCANDINAVIA: Worse than a girl [from Kill The Party]
MUSTA PARAATI: Ennustus [from Peilitalossa]
NOLLA NOLLA NOLLA: Silminnäkijä [from Nolla Nolla Nolla]
SILMÄT: Haudattu [from Haudattu 7'']
GEISHA: Aavelaiva [from Kesä 12"]
FUN: The rocket song [from Fun EP]
MURMANSK: Sweet trio [from Eleven Eyes To Shade]
JOENSUU 1685: Crystal light [from Joensuu 1685]
CIRCLE: Elcric [from Elcric 7"]
JOOSE KESKITALO: Saimaan rannalla [from Joose Keskitalo Ja Kolmas Maailmanpalo]

ISLAJA: Aallot ja äänet [from Meritie]
KUUPUU: Linnut [from Kulta Sulka]
ES: Universaali totuus [from Sateenkaarisuudelma]
JÄÄPORTIT: Suon sulaessa [from Suon Sulaessa single]
ORANSSI PAZUZU: Korppi [from Muukalainen Puhuu]
silly finnish book commercial
JIMI TENOR: Take me baby [from Sugardaddy/Take Me Baby]
OP:L BASTARDS: Scorpius (radio edit) [from Scorpius EP]
PAN SONIC: Transmission [from Katodivaihe]
UNICEF: 251 [from Käkimassaa 7"]
SEKUNDA: Yhden miehen sota [from Piikkilankamalli]
KUOLEMA: Raivohullu [from Mölyä Perkele]
KAAOS: Vaihtoehto [from Ristiinnaulittu Kaaos]
RATTUS: Reaganin joululahja [from Here Comes Death]
RIISTETYT: Mieletöntä väkivaltaa [from Skitsofrenia]
TERVEET KÄDET: The power [from The Horse]
RATSIA: Ole hyvä nyt [from Ratsia]
SEHR SCHNELL: Mongoloidi [from compilation Hilse LP]
GELSOMINA: Shot to death with pearls [from Disease With A Purpose]
GRUNT: Ethnic cleaning [from Europe After Storm]

KAAMOSHOW 5 - synthetic stuff

To celebrate a father´s day and my birthday (when I first posted this) I give you Kaamoshow number 5. Light and dark sides of new & older synth music.

GARY NUMAN: Trois gymnopedies (first movement) [from Telekon]
VAN KAYE & IGNIT: Negroe In N.Y. [from A Slight Dealay]
NINE CIRCLES: Twinkling stars [from Nine Circles]
MUSIC FOR PLEASURE: Time [from Into The Rain]
MINISTRY: Effigy (I´m not an) [from With Sympathy]
LADYBIRD: It only takes a boy [from Balance]
ATA KAK: Obaa sima [from Obaa Sima]
PULSE EMITTER: Scum 2 [from Scum]
RUTH WHITE: The clock [from Flowers Of Evil]
MERZBOW: untitled 2 [from Last Of Analog Sessions Vol. 1]
ANNIE ANXIETY: Cyanide fears [from Barbed Wire Halo 7'']
STRESSI: Tatsia [from Stressi]
HÄLINEN LARJOSTO LIINAMAA: Elektromagneettinen pulssi [from Itämeri EP]
ARGON: Venuksesta itään [from Kone Kertoo]
THE KLINIK: Moving hands [from Fever EP]
ESPLENDOR GEOMETRICO: Moscú está helado [from 80´s Tracks]
CHRISTIAN LUNCH: Jokes on you [from Shark Bait]
VANGELIS: Blade Runner end titles [from Blade Runner OST]


KAAMOSHOW 4 - mixture of mysterious stuff

This time Kaamoshow buzz, humm and drone, some voodoo drumming, post rock, black metal and Bulgarian female choir thrown in.

BORIS with MICHIO KURIHARA: Cloud chamber part 1 [from Cloud Chamber]
FENNESZ: Saffron revolution [from Black Sea]
GEIR JENSSEN: Jobo rabzang [from Cho Oyu 8201m (field Recordings From Tibet)]
FOLLOWED BY GHOSTS: A new dawn [from The Entire City Was Silent]
ENVY: Conclusion of existence [from split with Jesu]
LURKER OF CHALICE: Piercing Where They Might [from Lurker Of Chalice]
EXPERIMENTAL AUDIO RESEARCH: untitled 2 [from The Koner Experiment]
FRANCISCO LOPEZ: Semillas de pájaros [from Qal'at Abd'al-Salam]
DEAD CAN DANCE: Enigma of the absolute [from Memento]


KAAMOSHOW 3 - evil & weird shit

Satan, Hitler, Dokken & a joke told by Steve Albini. Oh yes, there is also some excellent music included.

BERNARD PARMEGIANI: Les portes ou première contrain [from Loeuvre Musicale box set]
ANTON LA VEY: Prologue [from Satanic Mass]
VENOM: Intro tapes (Tours 85-86) [from Skeletons in the Closet]
ALEC EMPIRE: Down Satan down (Dub) [from The Golden Foretaste Of Heaven]
MALATO: Digital vampire [from Avantpop]
DJ CARHOUSE & MC HELLSHIT: I´m eep [from Live at Disobay 3" cd-EP]
RESIDENT PHASE SHIFTER: Short songs [from VA: Dread Kennedys - In Dub We Trust]
JAH DIVISION: Heart and soul dub [from Dub Will Tear Us Apart 12"]
JARBOE: Kali lamentation II [from Mahakali]
BATCHEEBA: Bloodred & safe [from The Art of Exhalation]
VELVET UNDERGROUND: Loop (excerpt) [from Searchin' For My Mainline (3 CD Boxset)]
MODERN ENGLISH: Gathering dust [from Gathering Dust 7"]
A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS: Ego death [from Exploding Head]
DEAD COMBO: You don´t look so good [from Dead Combo]
THE PHANTOM LIMBS: Hot knives and hornets [from Accept The Juice-Whole Loto Love]
NO TREND: Mass sterilization caused by venereal disease [from 7" Session]
Steve Albini tells a joke [from BIG BLACK: Sound of Impact]
Hitler´s UFO [from UFOs, Hitler & The Third Reich]
THE SNAPPING OF WHIPS, THE WHIPPING OF FLAGS: Dokken und der Fuhrer [from Vardøger]
sound of vertical monochord


KAAMOSHOW 2 - from psych to noise

OK. The first Kaamoshow was a practice. This is more like real stuff. This time you get dark illbient beats meeting light and dark side of psychedelia spiced with vinyl destruction and good old Night of the Living Dead... and a great track by The Black Angels!

NURSE WITH WOUND: Cruisin´ for a bruisin´ (Bacteria bitch mix) [from The Bacteria Magnet EP]
OTOMO YOSHIHIDE: track 15 from unknown soundtrack
JANDEK: Nancy sings [from Chair Beside Window]
OTOMO YOSHIHIDE: track 2 [from Vinyl Tranquilizer]
PSYCHIC TV: Godstar [from Hex Sex - The Singles]
THE BLACK ANGELS: Never-ever [from Directions To See a Ghost]
NURSE WITH WOUND: Cruisin´ for a bruisin´ (Bacteria bitch mix) [from The Bacteria Magnet EP]
ACID EATER: Question of temperature [from Virulent Fuzz Punk A.C.I.D.]
OTOMO YOSHIHIDE: track 11 [from Vinyl Tranquilizer]
GIDDLE & BOYD: Contact [from Going Steady With Peggy Moffitt EP]
RADICAL SOUND SOURCES: tracks 1-6 [from Vinyls On Turntable]
RAYMOND SCOTT: Vicks Formula 44 [from Manhattan Research]
DR. TIMOTHY LEARY: Root chakra [from Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out]
SCANNER: unknown track
SCORN: Snag [from Stealth]
DR. TIMOTHY LEARY: All girls are yours [from Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out]
TECHNO ANIMAL: Bass concussion [from Cyclops 12"]
pieces from Night of the Living Dead soundtrack
AIDAN BAKER: Nowhere [from Pendulum]
RADICAL SOUND SOURCES: track 28 [from Loops From Forced Locked Groove Sessions]
NADJA: Sun always shines on TV (A-HA cover) [from When I See The Sun Always Shines On TV]
pieces from Night of the Living Dead soundtrack


KAAMOSHOW 1 - noise, zombies & suicide messages

First Kaamoshow features suicide messages mixed with droning ambient, dance beats followed by insane noise and old 80´s style zombie movie music. Tracks (and remember that they are not necessarily played back to back with each other):
THE CONET PROJECT: Counting control [from The Numbers Station 4CD set]
SUNN O))): Rabbit´s revenge [from OO Void]
DEXTER GARDNER: Last testimony of a teenage dope addict [from Last Testimony EP]
TROUM: Trahan [from Tjukurrpa (part two - Drones)]
DAF: Mira como se menea [from Fuenfzehn Neue DAF Lieder]
CURRENT 93: Black ships heat the dance floor II (remixed by JG Thirwell) [from Black Ships Heat the Dancefloor]
BURMESE: Just say cunt [from Men]
GRAMMAL SEIZURE: Sobibor [from Death Camps EP]
DIVISION S: Blue canary [from Something to Drink]
FABIO FRIZZI: Zombi 2 - main theme [from Zombi 2]
GIACOMO GIRADICHI: Magazzino rivisitato [from La Traccia Dei Morti]
THE CONET PROJECT: Counting control [from The Numbers Station 4CD set]


A beginning is the hardest part of everything...

I started posting mixshows originally at my other blog Ikuinen Kaamos last year. They were then (and still are) a small therapy sessions when I thought I was feeling bored and/or wasn´t going nowhere with my own musical hobbies.
I like a wide variety of music and I was sick of visiting clubs and events where DJ´s would play homogenous and unsurprising stream of hits for hours and hours (where the most exciting moment would be when Rolling Stones and Pixies would be played back-to-back... wow that is really a surprising change - yawn). I demand surprises and challenges!!! I rarely nowadays go to clubs, I prefer drinking at home and listening to chaotic mixture of music. These shows were made for my own amusement but I hope that A) they amuse someone else too, and B) someone would find here a brand new exciting band or a song.
Mostly the songs included in the mixes are played back-to-back BUT... occasionally I find it amusing to mess with them: tracks overlapping each other (like a spoken word track over ambient soundscape), songs played at different speed or reversed, only small portions of tracks played here and there etc. All the tracks are not musical pieces, some of them are sound effects, spoken word pieces, radio snippets, concrete sounds and interference noises.

Have fun. I know I did.