tiistai 13. syyskuuta 2011


I just cannot understand how some band can put an album of this quality to the net for free download. I mean there are excellent free albums and music up there but they are mostly experimental or some other not-so-commercially attractive stuff. IWATSW had put out an excellent free release which certainly would have had some minor commercial popularity at least in Finland where they are from. You probably heard their track at one of my earlier Kaamoshow. So if you feel like hearing some well produced and highly variable indie pop/electronica got get Holiday Trax 1 here.

SALOME LEGO PLAYSET: Contre La Vie, Contre La Morte

Occasionally I start uploading info/links to some interesting legally free stuff on the net (which there is plenty). Here is one. Elia Dalla Casa approached me some time ago and dropped me a link to his band´s Salome Lego Playset´s album "Contre La Vie, Contre La Morte". Some of you may recognise SLP from Spettro´s catalogue (see my earlier post on the subject). "Contre La Vie, Contre La Morte" is free for download and after few listens it opens up bit by bit. But I warn you, it is certainly not easy to listen to. Stylishly it orbits somewhere between acoustic guitar music and noise. How much variation is that? Emotionally it is like wandering from a deep forest to some desolate apocalyptic demolished ghost town.
Get it here.