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KAAMOSHOW 14 - Laibach special

Just recently I went to see Laibach play live their brand new revisited set and I got to say it was probably the best Laibach show I´ve seen (and I´ve seen them seven or eight times). Old songs were given a new treat making them more accessible for people who like their WAT/Volk era songs. I like the original early 80´s industrial songs but these new versions were just as good giving them brand new vibe. Even though some versions were totally different they were still recognisable. Band was in a good mood and sound was nice. As a live band they were missing the drummer girls which was probably a slight disappointment to some audience members but I felt they were this time more "a band" than a show group. Just can´t wait to get my hands on new bunch of album sets "Volkswagner", "Laibach revisited" & that massive Vinyl On Demand LP-box set (all of which were supposed to be released in 2010).
To celebrate the greatness of their music, here is a special collection of three decades of Laibach. Warning for all you hi-fi wankers: includes some bootleg quality material.

intro (live Helsinki 1.12.2006) [private recording]
Drzava [from split tape with Last Few Days]
Brat moj [from Rekapitulacia 1980-84]
To the new light [from Jesus Christ Superstars]
Brat moj (revisited version live Helsinki 9.3.2011) [private recording]
Hymn to the black sun [from Kapital]
For you blue [from Let It Be]
Vade retro satanas (live 2000) [bonus track from remastered cd of Rekapitulacija 1980-84]
Du bist unser [from WAT]
Contrapunctus 1 [from Kunst der Fuge]
Raus! (herzfelde) [from Slovenska Akropola]
Ende [from WAT]
outro (audience chatter & Mama Leone live Helsinki 26.8.2005) [private recording]

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