tiistai 31. toukokuuta 2011

KAAMOSHOW 16 - atmospheres, motor music & male choir singing

Some excellent stuff... again... starting with a mighty and very atmospheric track from the hermit boys of Iceland. After that some beatiful soundtrack music from interesting film Der Untergang which tells the story of Hitler´s last days in bunker. Then there is Balanescu Quartet employing the haunting and extraordinary (sampled) vocals of late Romanian singer Maria Tanase. Then follows an excellent track by practically unknown Italian electro unit Res_et which I accidentally saw play live in Ljubljana Metelkova Mesto few years ago. Not much is known about them outside Italy, which is a shame. After that comes dear old Scott. Many old Scott fans must have withdrawed in terror when they heard The Drift album. Probably one of the most disliked albums of last few decades, but I love it! Somehow I think of Nico when I listen to that album, there is same kind of intimacy, spookyness and vulnerability present in their music. Last summer I saw Dakha Brakha and Kimmo Pohjonen play live separately and together and that probably was one of the musical highlights of last year for me. Two groups/performers which are vaguely labeled under ethno or folk music. Just listen to those tracks and you know there is so much more than that. Kimmo Pohjonen´s Moottorisinfonia makes a good use of rural machines combined with Kimmo´s own 'shamanistic' (pardon me for using that cliche) and ritualistic performance. It is almost industrial. It really annoys me that A) I never had a chance to witness Ramsöö´s Motor Music Festival, and B) there are no official recordings of Maamoottorisinfonia or other motor music projects which have happened in last few years in Finland. In the end few other tracks I felt like putting there. Staalplaat are just as weird as always, and at last there is some male bonding choir action which we all are eager to hear... aren´t we?

SIGUR ROS: untitled track 6 [from ( )]
STEPHAN ZACHARIAS: Der krieg ist aus [from Der Untergang soundtrack]
BALANESCU QUARTET: Life and Death [from Maria T]
RES_ET: Street [from Suitable Life With a Lack Of Brain EP]
SCOTT WALKER: A lover loves [from The Drift]
DAKHA BRAKHA: Vesna [from Na Mezhi]
KIMMO POHJONEN: piece from Maamoottorisinfonia [unreleased live recording]
STAALPLAAT SOUNDSYSTEM: Yokomono [from compilation Avanto Festival 2005]
SOUTH WALES STRIKING MINERS CHOIR: Comrades in arms [from Shoulder To Shoulder (split LP with Test Dept)]

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