maanantai 7. toukokuuta 2012


Want to hear some excellent electronic cover songs? I am not talking about some lame ass dance versions I am talking about seriously good cover versions which you can enjoy while sitting comfortable in your couch sipping your favorite drink while a drop dead gorgeous Hawaiian miss bikini gives you... a neck and shoulder massage. Ok, I admit I got lost somewhere in a middle, but videoartist-painter-musician Raoul Sinier has released an album full of cover versions of such artists as Radiohead, Hendrix, Doors, Portishead, Bauhaus etc. And here is the gimmick: it is totally free.
Get it here.

While we are at it, here is a video for excellent track "She Is a Lord" from Raoul Sinier´s album "Guilty Cloaks". Imagine a mixture of 90´s IDM, some latter day Radiohead and some 80´s proto-goth guitar sound. Gotta love those singing black smoke mouths which look like satan´s socks.

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