torstai 26. toukokuuta 2016


Thanh-Tuyen - U hoai / Em chi yeu anh 7"  (Hong Hoa, K.D. so 4431/4811)

This time two charming tunes by Thanh-Tuyen. Basically the same musical formula as before.
Funny thing, by watching the waveform below, you can see how the tracks on both sides follow the same structure, so you can even call both tracks being a different variations of a same song, even though they are written by different persons ( Y-Van & Ha-Phuong). I haven't paid attention that much to waveforms before but I doubt that you can see the same similarity on many other tracks I've posted. Maybe it is some basic structure of Vietnamese popular music on which the songs are built on, just like western popular music has this repetition of verse-chorus-verse...

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