sunnuntai 9. lokakuuta 2016

คณะ ดอกไม้ป่า - ระบำยอดหญ้า

คณะ ดอกไม้ป่า - ระบำยอดหญ้า  (tape, VT Promotion, V.T.002)

This time something very special, a Thai tape I bought from a second hand record store here in Helsinki for 1€. The name of the artist and tape title translates in western alphabets as Khana dok mai pa - Rabam yot ya (extra special thanks to Peter from excellent มนต์รักเพลงไทย blog for translating).
Charming girl pop in Thai style. I think this tape has been released in 1983 and it is the second album of this female duo.

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