torstai 24. kesäkuuta 2010

KAAMOSHOW 8 - spooky shit

This time no straight rock-and-roll, no catchy pop melodies, no crusty punk or anything with so called hit potential (well, maybe Burial´s track is an exception). Ambient, industrial, noise and other weirdness.

WENDY CARLOS: Rocky mountains [from The Shining OST]
300 000 V.K.: Atmosphere [from Titan]
PITTS & WICKHAM & THE CLERKS: two pieces from In Memoria radiophonic work
DER BLUTHARSCH: untitled 1 [from Flying High!]
BRUCE HAACK: Haackula [from Haackula]
HARMAA GETTO: Jeesuksen demonit [from Suomimorsiamen Pyhä Tie]
ESPLENDOR GEOMETRICO: Compuesto de hierro [from Compuesto De Hierro]
BURIAL: Archangel [from Untrue]
XPER.XR & THE ORPHIC ORCHESTRA: Hickory dickory dock [from compilation An Anthology of Chinese Experimental Music 1992-2008]
GIRD_09: Chew harder (vanilla valentine mix) [from compilation Because God Told Me To Do It (Norway)]
LAIBACH: Uvod v Jaruzelskega [from compilation 84]
PPF: La belle France [from La Belle France, 1900]

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