sunnuntai 27. kesäkuuta 2010

KAAMOSHOW 09 - no easy pop tunes here

A lot of tracks that sound like they escaped from motion pictures. Spooky atmospheres, intense and emotional tunes, humming and droning. Especially I like Mono´s track which is probably one of the most beatiful songs I´ve heard (live and recorded) in a long time. There´s also a live track by Terminal Cheesecake (one of the most interesting unknows of the independent music history) + my recent great find The Black Angels team up with UNKLE + unusually solid and danceable track by Muslimgauze etc.

Pour yourself your favorite drink, sit back and press play.

sound piece of the luminist garden [loaded from internet]
EBOWLA: Wire cutters [from myspace]
ROBERT HENKE: [flicker] [from Atom/Document]
DAVID LYNCH: Ghost of love [from Inland Empire OST]
MONO: Ashes in the snow [from Hymn to the Immortal Wind]
TERMINAL CHEESECAKE: Unhealing wound (live at Paradiso 91) [from Unhealing Wound 7"]
GEDULAH vs. CHEESECAKE: El-Qadim [from compilation Macro Dub Infection vol 2]
UNKLE feat. THE BLACK ANGELS: Natural selection [from Natural Selection single]
MUSLIMGAUZE: 100 great Turks [from Box of Silk and Dogs]
RHYS CHATMAN: Intro [from An Angel Moves Too Fast To See (Selected Works 1971-1989)]

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