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KAAMOSHOW 11 - three decades of Einstürzende Neubauten

This time I´m concentrating on one of my old-time favorites: EN. Reason for this is that I´m still quite excited that I got to see them play live two days in a row just recently. They have been around for three decades and I still remember the time when I bought my first EN record (Strategies Against Architecture Vol. I) sometime in 1985-1986 as a teenager from the most unusual place for such action: the small Greek holiday resort island Kos! I wasn´t quite sure then if I really liked it or not but it sure sounded exciting. Years passed and I fell victim for temporary speed/death metal disease. I traded most of my good records for Venom, Metallica, Mercyful Fate etc. which I truly regretted later. Lucky me, I saw reason some years later and found EN again.

I tend to think like most EN fans (at least the ones I know) that their prime time was back in the 80´s. Halber Mench album (and especially the video) is great, Fünf auf der Nach... is good also but recently I began to appreciate Patienten O.T. most. Haus der Lüge is their last truly great album and Tabula Rasa is the record that I appreciate least. Later albums sure have their moments but unfortunately they tend to be of uneven quality. Looks like the more EN get professional soundwise, they lose that 'something' which I appreciate in their 80´s material. It´s surprising that their most interesting post-80´s material (which is often based on material recorded in the early days) is hidden in limited edition cd´s which can be ordered only from their official web store (while they last). Especially I was surprised how good (i.e. challenging) Unglaublicher Lärm, Grundstück, Stimmen Reste & EN vs. Redux Orchestra are compared to official albums.

A few words about three decades of EN tour Tampere gigs which I witnessed. The first night was an evening with EN when they played smaller set in club enviroment, then Blixa performed a shorter version of Rede/Speech, closing act was a duo Rudolf Moser and Christian Meyer who played a full percussion-heavy & e-bow driven set. Second night was 2½ hours of EN on a bigger stage. Sound was good and band was in good mood except Blixa who at times showed his ill-tempered side by furiously pointing his anger at the sound men because of some stage monitoring issues... I think. The overall feeling was a repeat from the night before when few times Blixa turned from sarcastically funny joke telling gentleman to anger-ridden art-diva in a matter of seconds. On the second night I was quite disappointed for the lack of 80´s material but on the other hand the more recent stuff that I did not like that much on record sounded much better live (as usual but this time it was very clear from the beginning). Luckily they played the first night Seele brennt, Sand & Armenia (+ two other tracks). Two nights of good, clean entertainment and it is always nice to see those curious metal objects live on stage. Period, enjoy.

Vox populi [from Grundstück]
Tanz debil [from Strategies Against Architecture Vol. I]
Ein seltener vogel (live Tampere 20.10.2010)
Lärm 2 (edit) [original full length version appears on Unglaublicher Lärm]
Der tod ist ein dandy [from Halber Mensch]
Die befindlichkeit des landes [from Klaviermusik]
Youme & meyou [from Perpetuum Mobile]
GS3 [from Grundstück]
Compressed metal [from Decoder soundtrack]
Rampe (live Tampere 21.10.2010)
Zeichungen des patienten O.T. [from Zeichnungen des Patienten O. T.]
Rhythmen für bassfeder 9 [from Solo Bassfeder]
Kernstück [from Stimmen Reste]

download part A at mediafire or rapidshare


The second part consists only of previous and current members´ pre-EN, post-EN and solo material. Quite a wide array of styles presented here.

1.Abwärts: Computerstaat [from Computerstaat EP]
2.Mona Mur & Die Meter: Jeszcze polska [from Jeszcze polska 12"]
3.Alexander von Borsig: Helmut, 25, medizinstudent [from Hiroshima 12"]
4.Ash Wednesday: Love by number [from compilation Tribute to Flexi-pop #8]
5.Alexander Hacke: I hate you [from compilation Silver Monk Time]
6.Ammer Einheit: Canto VII [from Radio Inferno]
7.Jochen Arbeit: The love brigade [from Solo]
8.Blixa Bargeld: The fight (live) [from compilation Avanto 2005]
9.MoserMeyer: (untitled live track)
10.N.U.Unruh: (untitled) [from 12 Ambiences Airshow DVD]
11.ANBB: Electricity is fiction [from Ret Marut Handshake EP]
12.FM Einheit: Princess crocodile (radio edit) [from Singles & Mixes]
13.Blixa Bargeld: Blackout music [from Commissioned Music]

1.Marc Chung and FM Einheit left Abwärts in 1980 to play in EN.
2.Die Meter were Gode B, Marc Chung, F.M.Einheit & Alex von Borsig, 1982.
3.Teenage Alexander Hacke´s first (?) release from 1982.
4.EN´s tour keyboard player´s single track from 1980.
5.Silver Monks -cover.
8.Piece from Rede/Speech performance. Recorded at Avanto festival, Helsinki 2005.
9.Live @ Tampere 20.10.2010.
11.Duo of Alva Noto (aKa Carsten Nicolai) & Blixa.

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