maanantai 9. elokuuta 2010

KAAMOSHOW 10 - Flow festival 2010 special

I rarely go to summer festivals nowadays bacause A) I hate big crowds of people, B) there´s usually too few good artists and a shitload of artists you don´t like, C) uneven weather conditions can seriously ruin your experience, D) very few bands actually sound good in the open air festivals (compared to club gigs) & D) I´m too old for that shit. Unusually I decided to go to local Flow festival next weekend for two days. I´ve always thought that this particular urban festival is a gathering of so called indie-electro hipsters and other miserable wannabes but for my surprise there´s a lot of interesting experimental acts playing this year (+ some urban ethnic stuff). So, I guess I have to comb my hair and go out to the real world this time. Here is a special mix (divided in two parts) presenting some of the artists and styles to be heard this year.

....................part A....................
UUSI FANTASIA: Piikkilankamiehet
M.I.A. feat. MARTIN REV: Born free (live at David Letterman show 2010)
JIMI TENOR & TONY ALLEN: Against the wall
KONONO N°1: Mama Liza (Live at Couleur Cafe)
FOUR TET: This unfolds
MARIA GASOLINA: Laulu tytöistä
JUNIP: Always
HEI: untitled

....................part B....................
VILLA NAH: Remains of love
THE RADIO DEPT.: Never follow suit
AIR: Kelly watch the stars (live BBC 1998)
CIRCLE: Sacrifice
K-X-P: Elephant man
PUISET HEILAT: Katajanahka
RULLA (aKa Keränen): Gray comedy (edit)

Get part A @ mediafire or rapidshare
Get part B @ mediafire or rapidshare

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