torstai 14. heinäkuuta 2011

KAAMOSHOW 18 - some excellent tunes

I´m celebrating the start of my holiday by uploading three new shows (17-19) for You to enjoy. Here is a collection of some seriously good tunes. Especially the tracks by Film School, Kirlian Camera, Xymox, Mirrors & Ceremony are the ones that I´ve enjoyed a lot lately. Not much more to say. Writing these texts and track lists is the most frustrating and time consuming part of making these mixes. Choosing, assembling and mixing tracks is the most rewarding and fun part of it. For fuck´s sake, I put my heart in it!

FILM SCHOOL: Go down together [from Hideout]
MIRRORS: Look at me [from Look At Me single]
B-MOVIE: Remembrance day [from ]
(((S))): Walk [from Phantom]
THE CRANES: Beatiful friend [from EP Collection]
CEREMONY: Stars fall [from Rocket Fire]
ALCIAN BLUE: Frozen sleep [from s/t album]
LUKE SLATER: All exhale (live) [from FM broadcast]
O.M.D.: Genetic engineering [from Dazzle Ships]
PORTION CONTROL: Cats on a tin roof [from Progress Report 1980-1983 box set]
EXPERIMENTAL PRODUCTS: The addict [from Prototype]
CLAN OF XYMOX: Cold damp day [from Farewell]
NITZER EBB: Down on your knees [from Industrial Complex]
BABYSLAVE: We hate you little girls aloud [from Pink EP]
KIRLIAN CAMERA: Odyssey Europa (premiere version) [from Shadow Mission Held V]

mediafire, rapidshare, megaupload

I´m starting to use megaupload since it is a bit more user friendly than rapidshare. I´m not sure if the older shows will be available at megaupload also. Just let me know if you feel like downloading them from there.

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