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KAAMOSHOW 19 - best of noise & industrial

I love noise, experimental electronics, industrial (I mean the early industrial, not that heavy-disco shit), dark ambient and every kind of "uneasy listening" electronic stuff. Ok, I admit there is a lot of shit among those genres (like in every existing genre) and I truly loathe the macho-redneck-bone headed stupidity and will to out-shock every other artist which seem to dominate the so called power electronics scene. It is a pity since I like most of PE music/noise. I don´t want to get involved in discussion about what is noise or industrial music, see what wikipedia says about them. I have no interest to get involved in the discussion where so called genre nazis try to define what´s real noise and what´s not. Keep your fucking opinions to yourselves, thank you.

Here is a collection of some of the best indu-noise in my opinion. Lot of good stuff was left outside.

let´s start at the very beginning...

LUIGI RUSSOLO: Risveglio di una citta 1913 [from compilation Musica Futurista - Art of Noises]
EINSTÜRZENDE NEUBAUTEN: Decomposition d´un placard [from Kassetten]
THROBBING GRISTLE: Walls of sound [from D.O.A. The Third and Final Report]
FM EINHEIT/G P-O: Riots / information [from Decoder soundtrack]
TEST DEPT: 51st state of America [from The Unacceptable Face of Freedom]
[THE USER]: [] [from Symphony #2 for Dot Matrix Printers]
HANATARASH: Detroit rock city [from 2]
COCK E.S.P.: Too fat for love [from split 5" with Extreme Noise Terror]
WHITEHOUSE: Language recovery [from Asceticist 2006]
PRURIENT: Lay by son [from Cocaine Death CD]
TOSHIJI MIKAWA: Vietnam forever [from Gyo-Kai Elegy]
HAARE: Electronic psychosis part 1 [from Electronic Psychosis]
AUBE: Limpidity spit [from split CD with The Haters]
BAD SECTOR: Calibration [from compilation Domvs Indvustrialia et Exoterica]
ZOÄT-AON: Exo [from Star Autopsy]

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