maanantai 30. heinäkuuta 2012

KAAMOSHOW 20 - weird electronic generation

Long time since the last show. No particular reason for this, just been busy with other activities. This time I present you some random collection of electric and electroacoustic stuff from dark ambient to plain noise. In this companion even Cabaret Voltaire sound radio friendly and easy.

PURE: Pelt [from Noonbugs]
THE HAFLER TRIO: Seven hours [from Seven Hours Sleep]
IRMOLOGION: Irmos 4 [from Irmologion]
BASTARD NOISE: Tyranny beyond earth (epilogue) [from Rogue Astronaut]
DOSH: Bury the ghost [from Wolves and Wishes]
CABARET VOLTAIRE: Loosen the clamp [from Johnny Yesno Redux]
ARANOS: Light [from Transfixiation]
SUNCHARIOT: Пост-колдовство, Часть II Exzorcism, Pt.II [from compilation Звуколань Атмосфера, Ландшафты, Стратегия]
DOU WEI & FM3: untitled 7 [from Hou Guan Yin]
MARTIN TETREAULT & LE QUATOUR DE TOURNE-DISQUES: Materiaux 9-10-11-12 [from Points, Lignes Avec Haut-Parleurs]

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