lauantai 9. huhtikuuta 2016


My Chau with Minh Canh & Minh Phung - Boan cuoi tinh yeu / Thoi boi 7" (Viet Nam, M.6937-38)

This a change of label from Continental to Viet Nam. Both sides are male/female -duets, in a sense of exchanging vocal turns instead of singing together or to each other. Musically it is the good old mixture of lounge elements, Mekong-delta-blues & traditional which we have heard many times already. Very often the transitions between different styles sound quite strange and unexpected, but here in the end of side A this sounds even more 'out of place' than usual. I would appreciate if someone with a knowledge of Vietnamese popular music would explain this sort of musical expression to me. I have heard a fair amount of vintage Asian popular and traditional music but this is something I have heard only in Vietnamese records.

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