torstai 28. huhtikuuta 2016


(unknown artists) - (unknown) 7"  (Hong Hoa)

OK, here is a trashy vinyl with equally destroyed labels. A-side female singer and B-side male singer.
Forget the scratchy sound because the A-side is truly entertaining piece with so many unexpected changes it makes the listener asking him/herself what the hell is going on.
A-side starts with lounge mood and turns into minimal trad after 1½ mins. Then at 3 mins the singer for some curious reason steps into echo chamber for a minute, then steps back at the un-reverbed state singing her trad tune. At 5 mins she changes into lounge for a half minute only to return back to trad for the last half mins.
B-side is slightly more coherent piece but still having a fair amount of changes for a six-minute song. It starts with a lounge feel, at 1:15 turns into trad. At 3½ mins it sounds like the track is changing even though the label (as much as I can see from it) states it having only one song. When there's one minute left, the style changes suddenly into latin exotica for half minute after which it suddenly turns back into trad mood.
'Divertissement par excellance'.

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