keskiviikko 14. huhtikuuta 2010

A beginning is the hardest part of everything...

I started posting mixshows originally at my other blog Ikuinen Kaamos last year. They were then (and still are) a small therapy sessions when I thought I was feeling bored and/or wasn´t going nowhere with my own musical hobbies.
I like a wide variety of music and I was sick of visiting clubs and events where DJ´s would play homogenous and unsurprising stream of hits for hours and hours (where the most exciting moment would be when Rolling Stones and Pixies would be played back-to-back... wow that is really a surprising change - yawn). I demand surprises and challenges!!! I rarely nowadays go to clubs, I prefer drinking at home and listening to chaotic mixture of music. These shows were made for my own amusement but I hope that A) they amuse someone else too, and B) someone would find here a brand new exciting band or a song.
Mostly the songs included in the mixes are played back-to-back BUT... occasionally I find it amusing to mess with them: tracks overlapping each other (like a spoken word track over ambient soundscape), songs played at different speed or reversed, only small portions of tracks played here and there etc. All the tracks are not musical pieces, some of them are sound effects, spoken word pieces, radio snippets, concrete sounds and interference noises.

Have fun. I know I did.

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