keskiviikko 14. huhtikuuta 2010

KAAMOSHOW 3 - evil & weird shit

Satan, Hitler, Dokken & a joke told by Steve Albini. Oh yes, there is also some excellent music included.

BERNARD PARMEGIANI: Les portes ou première contrain [from Loeuvre Musicale box set]
ANTON LA VEY: Prologue [from Satanic Mass]
VENOM: Intro tapes (Tours 85-86) [from Skeletons in the Closet]
ALEC EMPIRE: Down Satan down (Dub) [from The Golden Foretaste Of Heaven]
MALATO: Digital vampire [from Avantpop]
DJ CARHOUSE & MC HELLSHIT: I´m eep [from Live at Disobay 3" cd-EP]
RESIDENT PHASE SHIFTER: Short songs [from VA: Dread Kennedys - In Dub We Trust]
JAH DIVISION: Heart and soul dub [from Dub Will Tear Us Apart 12"]
JARBOE: Kali lamentation II [from Mahakali]
BATCHEEBA: Bloodred & safe [from The Art of Exhalation]
VELVET UNDERGROUND: Loop (excerpt) [from Searchin' For My Mainline (3 CD Boxset)]
MODERN ENGLISH: Gathering dust [from Gathering Dust 7"]
A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS: Ego death [from Exploding Head]
DEAD COMBO: You don´t look so good [from Dead Combo]
THE PHANTOM LIMBS: Hot knives and hornets [from Accept The Juice-Whole Loto Love]
NO TREND: Mass sterilization caused by venereal disease [from 7" Session]
Steve Albini tells a joke [from BIG BLACK: Sound of Impact]
Hitler´s UFO [from UFOs, Hitler & The Third Reich]
THE SNAPPING OF WHIPS, THE WHIPPING OF FLAGS: Dokken und der Fuhrer [from Vardøger]
sound of vertical monochord


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