keskiviikko 14. huhtikuuta 2010

KAAMOSHOW 5 - synthetic stuff

To celebrate a father´s day and my birthday (when I first posted this) I give you Kaamoshow number 5. Light and dark sides of new & older synth music.

GARY NUMAN: Trois gymnopedies (first movement) [from Telekon]
VAN KAYE & IGNIT: Negroe In N.Y. [from A Slight Dealay]
NINE CIRCLES: Twinkling stars [from Nine Circles]
MUSIC FOR PLEASURE: Time [from Into The Rain]
MINISTRY: Effigy (I´m not an) [from With Sympathy]
LADYBIRD: It only takes a boy [from Balance]
ATA KAK: Obaa sima [from Obaa Sima]
PULSE EMITTER: Scum 2 [from Scum]
RUTH WHITE: The clock [from Flowers Of Evil]
MERZBOW: untitled 2 [from Last Of Analog Sessions Vol. 1]
ANNIE ANXIETY: Cyanide fears [from Barbed Wire Halo 7'']
STRESSI: Tatsia [from Stressi]
HÄLINEN LARJOSTO LIINAMAA: Elektromagneettinen pulssi [from Itämeri EP]
ARGON: Venuksesta itään [from Kone Kertoo]
THE KLINIK: Moving hands [from Fever EP]
ESPLENDOR GEOMETRICO: Moscú está helado [from 80´s Tracks]
CHRISTIAN LUNCH: Jokes on you [from Shark Bait]
VANGELIS: Blade Runner end titles [from Blade Runner OST]


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